New Top 10 Beer Bars, Pubs and Beer Gardens in Jakarta in 2015

Starting 2015, you are normally not allowed to buy any alcohol, including beer, from minimarts all over Indonesia. It should take a few months before someone smart finds a way to bypass the law so until then, you'll need to find a friendly and cheap bar to grab a beer when needed.

Beer bars are not difficult to find in Jakarta so to avoid listing 100 venues, I made a choice with the following considerations in mind:

Is the place crowded? Does it have a large choice of imported beers? Is it friendly? Does it have regular events? Is it popular with expats? Is it affordable? Does it have good food? Is the atmosphere appealing?

The more YES I answered to those questions, the higher the ranking. Please comment below if you want to add a venue. 

For those looking for a place to celebrate St Patrick Day's or Oktoberfest, it is a good list to start with as well.
Sorry to that guy for posting this photo. I hope his boss is not a reader.
1) Beer Brothers (Kemang)
Large choice of beers, mixed crowd of locals and younger expats, easy-going.

2) Beer Garden (Menteng, Kemang, SCBD)
All their locations are usually packed. Crowd mostly local.

3) Paulaner Brauhaus (Grand Indonesia)
High end beer bar. Good food, large choice of beers including their own Paulaner.

4) Brewerkz (Senayan City)
Singaporean owned. Rather posh and neat. They have their own micro-brewery.

5) De Hooi (Pondok Indah)
Friendly expat bar, many regulars, great food menu.

6) Eastern Promise (Kemang)
Meeting point of most expats in Kemang. Always happening. Good music.

7) Murphy's (Kemang)
First irish pub in Jakarta. Friendly staff and good management.

8) Molly Malones (Senayan Arcadia)
Second irish pub in Jakarta, same owner as Murphy's.

9) De Burse (SCBD)
Same owner as De Hooi and Eastern Promise. Similar concept but more intimate setting.

10) Liquid Exchange (Rasuna Said)
Reasonable prices, good location, eclectic crowd and decent choice of beers.
The following bars and beer garden almost made my list but finally didn't:

Melly's Garden: Uncomfortable
The Barrels in Kelapa Gading - Too much noise from La Piazza Mall
Joglo Beer in Kemang - Not visited yet
Brew & Co Cilandak- No visited yet
Top Gun in Blok M - Too loud, too dirty, too noisy, too many prostitutes
Pizza e Birra - Horrible food
Aphrodite in Taman Rasuna and Mad Dogs in Cilandak - Getting old now
Minus 2 - A bit far in PIK
Double Doors - Not city center
La Bière - Central Park - Not a fun crowd
Jimm's Sports Café and Everest Bar in Bellagio: Almost made it
Bremer in Kemang: Haven't been there in a long time and I don't know if it still exist

Photo credit: Pictures taken freely from the facebook page of Beer Garden and Beer Brother. 
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